◇Analyzing Industrial Policy; Sharing Strategy; Making Standard and Promoting Industry   Development
Outstanding enterprises must have clear mission and position. The division of labour is clear-cut, each enterprise being charged with specific responsibilities on industry chain. If investors, researchers and developers, manufacturers, raw material or content suppliers, operators, or marketing/sales channels suppliers all played the game by themselves, everybody will fail. Success of one innovative business is one systematic project. Every unit on the project must have their right position, focus on mutual core strength, and deploy vertical cooperation to make all the businesses based on the strength of everybody. At the same moment, every unit must obey the law and related industry policy of the nation which your related market and industry belong to. The higher position you are at, the more important responsibility that you must bear. Through our global top level industry summit, your powerful speech will brain storm with 100~400 high-level decision makers worldwide, including powerful entrepreneurs and authoritative policy makers; your shared strategy will impact new standards making on the industry chain, and new industry classification, new technology innovation and new application direction, creation of new business operation process. More important, your thinking views about market demand, management revolution and technology innovation will impact the policy and law making of one industry of one nation. 

◇Integrating Resources; Sharing Benefits and Establishing Strategic Business Alliance
In order to regulate market, avoid competition, you must integrate all the available resources of upstream, middle stream and downstream to establish one business alliance with the same standard and strategic direction. You can realize above purposes through delivering keynote speech and continuously communicating with 100~400 high-level decision makers face to face of 2~3 days or 8~15 hours to share your thoughts and strategy. You will be surprised to see that you get the strategic partnership alliance in so fast speed, because "Good wits will jump together ". 

◇Showing Strength, Achievement and Team Lineup; Establishing and Increasing the Brand   Influence
t is so complex to appraise one enterprise is good or not. Sometimes the most profitable or the most innovative or the most potential companies are not well known to the public or related industries. So the performance of one company in capital market sometimes does not connect with the revenue. If you want to gain the notice from government in order to get the best governmental policy support, or want to win the chase of investors in order to get the most valuable strategic investment, or want to obtain the recognition of the industry elites in order to get the best leader, you must show your strength, achievements and team lineup through delivering keynote speech to gain the agreement of the industry and government, establish and increase your brand influence and rapidly gain all your expectations. 

◇Designing Your Needful Conference Agenda and Topics Together; Winning the Notice and   Recognition from the Global
As speaker, you will join in the design of conference agenda and topics. Your thought, your personal portrait photo and CV, your company name and profile will be brought to the eye balls and minds of 15, 000 to 20,000 decision makers through our professional marketing and sales team. You and your company will win world-class notice and recognition.


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